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Harnessing the Evolution of a Planetary Consciousness

The more that people organize in groups, the more that we have to find new ways to do things. The explosion of travel and world wide information access is creating a world where the bounds of nations are becoming increasingly murky. While the potential for human development is great, it also creates a tension as nations try to understand what is to survive in this future. While the gains for humanity could be incredible, turf wars are going to one of the dangerous components that we need to wrestle with.

We also need to realize that achieving a Planetary Consciousness is something that does not happen overnight. We need to think far into the future and try to put into place meaningful steps that can take us along this path. At best we can hope to be a guide. If we complete some baby steps, we might actually make a difference.

Creating Global Sustainability

A majority of the world’s population does not have the minimum amount of food to eat. One of the imperative steps is that a majority of the planet must have the basic needs for survival met. While this maybe quick, we need to do this with in 2 generations. This is a tall order but one that really needs to be done if we are to have any hope of seeing ourselves as one planet rather than several nation-states.

The development of human consciousness requires that the minimum elements of survival be met. If these are not met then engaging in even the most basic human interaction is difficult if not impossible. How can you be in a position to demand a minimum change for the better if you are constantly scrambling just to stay alive. Assuming for the moment that we have the capability and the capacity to deliver food, warmth and shelter to those that want and require all over the globe? What would it take to create an environment where this was not just desired by most but a moral requirement. What we are talking about is installing a world-wide meaning system. With subtle shifts in global cultural priorities, this can be achieved. Some places it may be easier than others.

For this, we need to look at the development of the human being, the group and the planet. The levels of consciousness of the human being are going to get mirrored in the way we organize from this to how we operate as a planet. In some ways, we need to imagine what does the basic sustainable human being look like, what is the meaning system that puts this person in the best place for accessing their potential for fulfillment.

From Survival to Self Worth to Being

Being is about arriving at a place where a person has the best understanding of how to actualize their own personal fulfillment. Developmentally, this not an easy place to get to. However, there are basic components that must be in place before we can even think about this. A totally evolved planetary consciousnes would have all the people in the world with the potential of getting access to their own being. But we are still talking about baby steps.

The cornerstones of this journey are Survival, Self Worth qnd (Self) Awareness. I cannot hope to progress as a human being if I am not getting my basic needs met. But I also cannot progess if I do not feel that I am worthy of this food, or of a better life. This is true of a starving child in Ethiopia as it is to the drug addict on the streets of New York. It is these two items (survival and self worth) that must be part of the foundation of this planetary consciousness. In human terms, the planet is not meeting its basic needs so there is arrested develpment.

Creation of a planetary consciousness requires that we build up the self worth of the individual. They must feel that they are worthy of the respect of being provided with basic human necessities. This is easier said than done. Self worth is often expressed culturally. Therefore, their needs to be a common framework for establishing self worth but it should take into account the issues in a given culture.

Awareness is also important. If I know what is going on around me, I can make informed decisions.If I know how friends and peers feel, I will likely not feel alone.

Leadership and Accountabilty

Awareness is important for the person. But awareness is also about being explicit. When things are no longer hidden, when they are explicit it is harder for those in power to ignore the needs of the many. Being explicit about the needs and desire of the populace is an important way for leaders to be held accountable. Their actions are measured against.the wishes of the people and culture. Leadership without accountability creates a misuse of power. The planetary consciousness needs to create good leadership.

This awareness also creates a framework of systemic ethics. When intervening to create new planetary consciousness, the development of this system needs to provide for the needs of the whole. Awareness is essential to this.

From Clan to Global-State

Throughout history, man has had a tendency to create relationships in order to get more and more complicated things done. You started with the family or the clan (or in more modern terms a team or group). Man had to learn how to best organize this to accomplish goals such as killing a mastadon. As these tribes grew, and people became more specialized, and citys and towns developed. Each time these occured, it took time for the man to adapt and work these relationships. These groups would also get a sesne of self. A sense of ownership of the group. You progressed to the city-state and then to the nation-state. The sense of self at the level of the nation-state is what we call patriotism. It is good for creating a sense of group-self but it can create differences with other such groups.

The evolution to the global-state is going to be key to the development of an evolutionary consciousness. We need to think of ourselves as one planet, and not a planet divided into groups. We must move from Us vs. Them to We.

The global state needs to see itself as entity worthy of existing. To do this we need to evolve human development to the evolution and development of the whole. To the planet as the reflection of the holographic image of all its occupants.


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