Martin’s Musings: Emergence

eccentric interests!


Some Background

I am watching the twins today (Rachel and Paige, 8.5 months). They can be a challenge. At least Grant (2.5 years) is at day care today. Carol (my wife) is at work. Buster and Brownie, the dogs, are helping me today.

As for my background. I was born in Canada to British parents (My father, Brian, is English and my mother, Diane, is Welsh). I was born in London, Ontario, approximately six weeks premature. Nearly did not make it, to the chagrin of my detractors 😉 — My father was in the Episcopal Seminary, so at about 18 months, we took off for the Mission field. We ended up in primarily Central America and Mexico until I was about four years old. My sister was born in Mexico when I was a little more than two years old.

There was some blow up between my father and the Episcopal Mission field and we ended up in Los Angeles with no money. Separating from the mission caused some problems for us in Canada. By the time they apologized, we were settled in the US. My father started and finished his doctorate at Claremont. From there it was off to Indiana.

More later


April 1, 2002 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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