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How to be a good weblog-neighbor

Mind-bomb: Weblog Neighborhood Tool . [ Scripting News ]

On bLOGical

New WebServices Book released

Book review: XML and Web services unleashed (Web Services Journal) [ IBM DeveloperWorks: XML News ]

On bLOGical

New Links info in RU

One of tomorrow’s innovations. More links for Radio weblogs. It’s going to point to the blogroll OPML, if it’s present; and to mySubscriptions.opml, and a change in the format for the link to the RSS feed. We won’t release the code until tomorrow, to provide a very brief comment period. My Radio weblog already has the three types of links in its head. View source to see what they look like. [ Scripting News ]

On bLOGical

Syndication News from Bill Kearney . News about syndication using XML. [ News Is Free: Recent Additions ]

On bLOGical

Web Services and Virtual Enterprises [ WebServices.Org ]

On bLOGical

Web Services, For Real”A growing number of compani … . Web Services, For Real
“A growing number of companies are taking advantage of Web services, and some early examples demonstrate the technology’s potential in real-world terms. Here are profiles of how five companies are putting Web services to work, what benefits they’re gaining–and what’s holding them back from doing more.” [ Web Voice: online business models and technical marketing – a blog by Olivier Travers ]

On bLOGical

Understanding Enterprise Messaging and Standards-based Integration [ WebServices.Org ]

On bLOGical


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