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Warblogs vs the Techblogs?.

I was interviewed by a BigPub reporter yesterday asking if it was true that the warbloggers had obsoleted the tech blogs. A weird question, because I wasn’t even aware that there was a concept of “tech blog.”

I’m quite confused about why people think the warblogs are so great. Lots of bluster, not much useful info. Kind of like FoxNews (which I don’t have the patience for either). Anyway it’s good that there are more weblogs, war-based or otherwise. But I’m much more interested in librarians, lawyers, and developers getting into it.

While we do bash egos from time to time in TechBlogLand, we’re getting a lot more work done these days, using weblogs as the venue for sharing stuff. I like to tell the reporters that SOAP and XML-RPC, RSS and OPML could never have happened without weblogs. I asked the reporter if they could ask Glenn Reynolds to tell them when Hollywood is screwing computer users, or if they ever come up with a solution to the Microsoft antitrust case. And by the way, whose software do you think they use and do they even know how to use it? Andrew Sullivan just discovered permalinks a few days ago. Heh. Believe me there’s more work to do, and it’s going to be programmers and information mavens that lead the way.

BTW, I have something of an advantage, in that my blog predates the media rage that centered on the Pyra crowd, so I’ve been through this before. Someday Glenn Reynolds will be shocked to find out that he’s not the darling of the bigpubs anymore, then someone else will be blustering how they made him obsolete. It won’t be any more true then than it is now. This is meta-news. Boring.

One of the good things that has come from this is a renewed spirit of cooperation. Now that there are blogs with more flow than Scripting News, I think people feel less threatened by me. For some reason there’s more working together going on. For whatever reason, I’m grateful for that.

[Scripting News]


June 5, 2002 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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