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Fortune likes Blogger

"Fortune sez: Blogger is Coolest . Congrats to Pyra Labs — authors of Blogger — for topping Fortune’s list of Cool Media Companies. Link Discuss ( via Salad and Steve ) [ bOing bOing ]"

On bLOGical

"Blogging makes the OED . Aaron reports that the Oxford English Dictionary will add”blog,””blogger,” and”blogging” to the next edition. Link Discuss [ bOing bOing ]"

On bLOGical

That’s Another Giant Leap for My Aggregator.

"That’s Another Giant Leap for My Aggregator .
26,747 New RSS Feeds Avaliable

“Taking to heart what Paolo said yesterday about aggregators not just reading news I sat down and wrote some PHP to turn all 26k+ artists on discogs (the most comprehensive electronic music database) into RSS feeds.
You can use this page to find an artist, I’ve provided auto-subscription links for both Radio and AmphetaDesk users.
So when a new release is added to by an artist you are subscribed to it will show up in your aggregator. The next step is to tweak this a bit and allow you to subscribe to the 6,000+ record labels .” [ Adam Wendt’s Agnostic Audiophile Smorgasborg ]
Someone please point this out to the record labels as an example of something they should have done already! Way to go, Adam! A great service and a proof of concept for a future marketing model for the BigCos. Hot d-a-m-n but this has been a great day for RSS! [ The Shifted Librarian ]

On bLOGical

"Blog Tool Feature Comparison Table”There are so ma … . Blog Tool Feature Comparison Table
“There are so many blogging tools available these days, it’s difficult to know which one to choose. Hopefully this table will help you choose the tool that’s right for you, by listing the features offered by each.” [ Web Voice: online business models and technical marketing – a blog by Olivier Travers ]

On bLOGical


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