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Architecture Matters: The Rebirth of Public Discussion.

Dave pointed this article about how Weblogs tend to minimize “noise”, or “flames” in public discussion due to the fact that people who flame tend not to be widely linked,  except by other “logo-pyros” — people who like discussions with lots of flaming— 

It seems to me that this too, his theoblogical implications:  Theology has laways been shaped by the level and quality of dialogue that takes place around it.  Catholic middle age dogma had very little growth for a long period becuase communication was much less two-way until the printing press allowed for more voices and the distribution of those voices of the less powerful (even though to be able to print, it took SOME power,  but the frequency and amount of dialogue in theology was much more rare until printing.   Now , with the immediacy of online communication,  a more dialogical theological process can shape that theology (at least the opportunity is there and being grabbed by some).  Others simply use the network to perpetuate the traditional orthodoxies,  and so some orthodoxies are even strengthened among that online audience.

[Dale Lature: Theoblogical]


August 12, 2002 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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