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Crucibles of Leadership

On Harvard Business Review

From Chaos to Leadership


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Warrior Politics: Why Leadership Demands a Pagan Ethos by Robert D. Kaplan

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Ray Ozzie on centralization vs. decentralization

Ray Ozzie : “Centralized leadership around creation of vision and mission, and centralized delivery of that same message ( starting even before creation of the product), is key to effective decentralized execution. And today, decentralized execution is what it’s all about.”

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Heading off

There will be a couple of quiet days on Davos Newbies because I’m heading to the other side of the world for a conference.

It takes a long time to get to Hayman Island . I leave at 22.00 tonight and arrive there at lunchtime on Thursday, Australia time. The conference is a leadership retreat for the Australia Davos Connection, a group of Australian World Economic Forum members. Although nothing compares with Davos, I think there’s a great future for more intimate, personal events like the Hayman Island retreat. I’ll post some thoughts once I get there.

On Davos Newbies


September 3, 2002 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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