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Unique wine book a modern success story

When wine writer Richard Best decided to self-publish, he had no idea his book would be such a hit. The Frugal Oenophile’s Lexicon of Wine Tasting Terms has become a popular item at wineries both in Canada and the US.

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Learn about wine online

Take your wine education to the next level with one of Spectator Magazine’s on-line courses. Through interactive classes with videos and tutored tastings, you’ll visit the world’s great growing regions, meet fascinating winemakers and develop a deeper appreciation for wine.

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Caro’s Case Club Plan

Wouldn’t it be great to know you always have a superb selection of wines on hand – without having to stock up yourself? The Caro’s Best Buys plan is a convenient way to enjoy a constant supply of excellent yet affordable wines.

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Making chardonnay is a cool process

Good chardonnay has a luxurious creaminess to it. When balanced by adequate acidity, which imparts an appealing tartness, the charm and complexity of the wine is impossible to resist – one reason, perhaps, that chardonnay remains America’s favorite white wine.

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Gene ‘prevents heavy drinking’

Cultural differences that discourage alcohol misuse among Jews may be backed up by a gene that has much the same effect, say scientists. Statistics suggest that Jews have fewer problems with alcohol than Caucasians in general.

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Milk makes wine fine

Milk could be used to make organic wine. Sprayed on grapevines once a fortnight, milky water seems to control powdery mildew as effectively as sulphur and copper fungicides, without tainting the grapes’ taste.

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