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Multi-millionaire offers poetry and fabulous wine

Poetry might not be the easiest thing to sell nowadays unless you’re offering a glass of 1982 Haut Brion or 1988 Richebourg at the same time….

On Wine News

Wine and cheese perfect remedy for dengue fever threats

Far-north Queensland scientists are seeking a Federal Government grant to trial an unusual strategy for reducing dengue fever threats. Australian researchers have found dengue fever carrying mosquitoes have a taste for red wine and blue cheese.

On Wine News

Australia claims EC wine regulations break WTO agreement

The long running trade spat between Australia and the EC over the labelling of wines exported into the EU has run into further problems. This time Australia is threatening to involve the World Trade Organisation over new labelling regulations to be introduced at the beginning of next year….

On Wine News

Wine world in your pocket

I don’t know what wine expert Oz Clarke’s favourite tipple might be, but, whatever it is, it sure gives him stamina. Having just received a couple of review copies of his latest wine books, I notice that he has no less than seven different volumes in publication, at the moment….

On Wine News

Grape Expectations: Poor Quality Italian Wine

Lovers of Italian wine have little reason to toast after a dry winter and a wet summer ravaged Italy’s grapevines, causing the worst harvest in half a century. Producers of the more sought-after wines are warning consumers to gird for higher prices and smaller quantities when the 2002 labels hit stores….

On Wine News

New Zealand: Wine ambassador feels at home in Marlborough

There was a certain sparkle in the Marlborough air on Friday as Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger flew from Auckland to Blenheim to dine at Herzog Luxury Restaurant, the reputation of which reached him on the other side of the world….

On Wine News

US fine wines win over French sceptics

Difficult French palates gave California wines a glowing reception as over 70 winegrowers from the US state kicked off a European road-show here this week….

On Wine News

New Zealand: Toast to Gisborne

With tasting glass in hand, Denise Irvine sets off to sample the wines and food of Gisborne’s annual festival. It’s amazing the number of people you meet who have never been to Gisborne…..

On Wine News

Canada: B.C. vineyards dominate nation’s top competition

British Columbia wines stomped the competition at the Canadian Wine Awards Thursday night, taking 152 of 268 medals handed out….

On Wine News

South Africa: Wine Snipers

While the Washington snipers who terrorized the US capital for a few weeks in October are now safely behind bars, South Africa’s wine snipers are still in the news as they pick over the results of the various wine competitions….

On Wine News

Wineries thinking inside box

Sometimes, you have to get in the box in order to think outside of it. I’m talking about boxed wine here, those big 5-liter cartons on grocery store shelves. The wine offered in boxes has traditionally been at the lower end of the wine spectrum in price and quality….

On Wine News

Following Paul Newman’s lead with Humanitas wine

One day Judd Wallenbrock connected the dots and realized he could have his own winery and donate the profits to charity — a la Paul Newman’s Newman’s Own food products. – Humanitas wines were born.

On Wine News

Now Bull Hits Out At Cork

Jeremy Bull, chief winemaker at Taylor Fonseca for 40 years and now a wine consultant to Quinta do Portal, is the latest wine trade figure to hit out at cork stoppers….

On Wine News

Know how to judge the wine critics

What is good wine? Unquestionably, our tastes are our own. No one can or should tell us what we like and don’t like. But does that mean that there are no points of reference? Are human beings not sufficiently alike to appreciate certain characteristics, flavors or aromas?…

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