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Writing on Leadership

I am trying to pull together a book on leadership. I would like it to essentially be a compendium of writings on what might be termed ‘collaborative leadership’. I think most of what I talk about on falls under this heading. I think that I have a publisher potentially interested in such a book. What I envision is a book that is academically strong but practically informed. Books like Wiley puts out. Practical examples and case studies would be quite welcome.

A working title is: “The Essence of Collaborative Leadership: Foundation, Focus and Vision”

I envision something like 10- 15 chapters. I would be looking to fill approximately 250 pages. I will the writer/editor of the work, but I may add a co-editor as this project comes together.

What I am asking for here is a few things:
Interest — is this a project that you would like to work on.
Time — Do you have time to put out a chapter in about a 2-3 month period (after commitment from publisher)
Focus — what would you be interested in writing on — do you have a specific idea, or are you open to suggestions.

The exact components of this will come together as I see all the people that are interested. But what I am thinking about at this point is:
Foundation — What is Collaborative Leadership? Where does it come from? And how does it differ from the management-centric leadership work that permeates the business world and society in general.
Focus — How is applied? What are examples? This would include looking at such issues as diversity, multi-culturalism, etc. How does one develop their capabilities in this area. The systems thinking and values implications of this type of leadership.
Vision — What are the challenges/opportunities for collaborative leadership? How to build meaningful organizations, groups, institutions using collaborative leadership? Leadership and Sustainability

If you can send me a short note on your interest in this project, that would be good for me to get myself organized here.


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