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Buster Hall b. 1991 – d. 3/30/2005

It is a time of sadness for the Hall’s. One of our dogs, Buster, passed away on March 30. We got him in 1992. He was about one year old when we adopted him. 14 years is a long time but it does not hurt any less. He leaves behind Martin, Carol, Grant, Paige, Rachel, Brownie and Scruffy. We know he is in a better place, he was in so much pain at the end. Carol, who had never had a dog, decided that it would be good for a dog to be around because my work at the time kept me home much of the time. We started looking in the paper, at the pound, etc. Carol saw a classified for a Boxer-St.Bernard mix. Well, she had to see it. It turns out it was more of a Spaniel-Boxer mix. We fell in love with “Bandit” the dog, not the name. He was christened Buster. It turns out we had seen him at the pound. He had been rescued him from certain death, and was meant for us. We will miss him greatly. But we remember him for the undying love he gave us for so many years.


April 12, 2005 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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