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Colleges and “American” Values

Top 10 Colleges for American Values
Choosing the Right College: The Whole Truth About America’s Top Schools,” by ISI Books has been published since 1998. It seems a little unnerving that people would choose schools on something as nebulous as “American” values.  I guess what they are speaking to is the idea of tradition and the “ideal” family. As one might guess, most of the top 10 are from some religious background or influence.
I must say that I have not read the book, but I saw nothing in the discussion of it to suggest that there is a clear definition of values. It seems to be a synonym for tradition, conservatism and religion. I believe that anyone should be able to choose an educational direction for themselves or their kids. For me, it is just the seemingly presumptious way in which the books suggests.
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October CCL Newsletter

Here is the current version of the CCL (Center for Creative Leadership) newsletter. While I disagree with some of their views on leadership. CCL is a good source of information on leadership. Worth being on their mailing list.
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Interesting Rumor

Interesting little article from NewsMaxRumor: Cheney to Resign; Rice as V.P.
I could definitely see something like this happening. We will know soon enough. I do not necessarily like her poltics but for some reason, I have always been emamored with her. Maybe part of it is that she is from this area (SF Bay Area — Stanford), or that she is smart as a whip. For that matter, both she and Hillary seem to be more intelligent than the average politico. She seems to have some leadership ability, however, if this plays out we will now for sure 😉 .
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Bird flu basics

Bird flu basics: “Posted by Taraneh Razavi, M.D., Staff Doctor

As flu season approaches, there’s been a lot of talk about bird flu. I thought I’d try to clarify some of the issues and misconceptions around this illness. I keep up with news on this and other emerging diseases in a number of ways, including Pro-MED, which is produced by the Federation of American Scientists, and the World Health Organization site. You can also read lots more at the CDC site, especially here.

Bird (avian) flu is an influenza virus type A that normally infects birds, but can also infect pigs and other animals. Wild birds, the natural hosts, normally don’t get sick from this virus, but domestic animals such as chickens and turkeys can be severely affected severely. Humans, meanwhile, can be infected with influenza types A, B, and C.

Genetic changes and sharing (the closest thing viruses have to sex) can occur under certain circumstances such as in crowded conditions where poultry, pigs, and people live in close quarters. This change can allow a virus to become much more infectious to humans and more easily transmitted from person to person. And this is where a ‘pandemic’ comes in: it’s a worldwide outbreak of a new influenza A virus between humans, while epidemics tend to be seasonal, involving viruses that already exist.

For you history buffs, previous pa”

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Linksys CIT200 Skype Phone (Verdict: Loaded)

Linksys CIT200 Skype Phone (Verdict: Loaded): “The Linksys CIT200 Skype phone for the home has been reviewed and it’s looking pretty decent. The phone itself is sexy and loaded. Not too many home phones have a color screen with built-in menus and the added luxuries of a backlit keyboard, caller ID, and a DECT 1.8-1.9Ghz bandwidth (not that we have any use for DECT here in the U.S.). So how’s the phone perform? You can access your Skype friends easily enough, as well as use SkypeOut for regular phone calls. Call quality is excellent and the integrity of the call stays intact. Installation seems to take awhile and the USB receiver can’t charge the phone itself, but overall, it’s totally rockin’—especially the price of phone calls using SkypeOut.

Linksys CIT200 Skype phone review [VoIP Blog] “

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Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible

Hmmm– very interesting article in the Time of London. The catholic church has begun to say that parts of the bible are inaccurate or untrue. In the article, Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible, go as as far as to suggest passages that are untrue or true. I have always found the book of Genesis to be fascinating. It is here that some of the confilicting accounts are brought up and therefore at least one has to be untrue.
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