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Are Bloggers Narcissists?!?

I was pondering Nick Wilson‘s  post “Call for Performancing Authors”.
I had not really thought about posting on this blog account, but I
guess it is as good as any! I do most of my blogging elsewhere.

Among other things, I have been using Squidoo
(which is a site that makes it easy to collect infomation that you
think might be useful to others). About a week or so ago, I posted one
of my Squidoo lenses to digg. I actually got a comment back! Apart from
bad grammar and spelling, he basically said that it was mainly a
self-serving site used to promote my own interests.

It hit me. Isn’t that what most blogs are? When it comes down to it,
most blogs have sometype of self serving or self promoting interest.
The company does it to inform and get customers; the politician to get
the word out, etc. Even the more diary oriented ones or those that are
informative are still being done to promote something — if for nothing
else than inflating the blogger’s ego. I do it for a number of reasons,
keeping customers up to date, floating ideas, creating a Squidoo lens
to highlight kids’ cancer because of someone I know.

I do not like to think that I am a narcissist, but at some level I guess I am.

Don’t get me wrong…I think they are very useful and I have way too
many blogs of others that I try to track, but I also do mine because I
want to (at some level) be validated.


(Side Note: I really like Performancing, most of my posts are done using it!)

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